Acai Bowl

What Is An Acai Bowl?

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Hi, All! Have you ever heard of an acai bowl? I’m sure it’s not new but it’s becoming really popular. I first heard of it a few years ago from friends in Hawaii. In case you didn’t know, that’s where I’m from. They would posts pictures on social media and it would look delicious. Of course, I needed to try it! But I couldn’t find acai juice, fresh or frozen, anywhere. Then, we were doing our weekly shopping at Costco. Yes weekly, I have active teenagers. And there it was! Read More...

Friendship Lesson and Bulletin Board

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Lesson Plan:

Topic: Build Friendship and Classroom Community

Teach students about friendship and build classroom community. Read aloud the books Ballerino Nate by Kimberly Bradley and Elmer by David McKee. After reading and discussing these books, students will learn about what makes the main characters unique. Students learn about their classmates and build friendship by discussing what makes them special. Read More...

Golden Milk Latte

Got Golden Milk?

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Yes it’s cheesy but I couldn’t resist! I have a couple of friends that absolutely love to drink a golden milk latte. So, I decided to give it a try plus I was curious about the health benefits. There is lots of information online about turmeric and posts on Pinterest about it. You can read all about the health benefits here. Read More...

Tiki Torch Planter

Backyard Blah to Backyard Cool (or should I say Hot)!

Hi All! It’s summer time! Woot Woot! Can you tell I’m just a little excited? I love summer and hanging out in our backyard. I really enjoy sitting out in the warm sunshine, reading a book, hanging out with friends, or simply relaxing with my husband after a long day with a favorite beverage in hand. Now, for the most part, our backyard is done. We landscaped right away because who wants muddy paw prints in their new house? Not this girl! It was just lacking some color and pizazz! Yup, that’s the word I’m going to use for this – pizazz! We do have a very small backyard so I was hesitant to add too many plants and other greenery. Ok, I’m totally not telling the truth here. I was really hesitant because plants and I don’t get along. They don’t like to stay alive under my watch for some reason or another. But I’m going to give it a try this summer (again). Enter four planters that we bought last summer, four tiki torches that we bought five years ago, and Pinterest (of course)! Now, we have a tiki torch planter project! Read More...

In this Class we Stick Together Bulletin Board

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Editable In this Class we Stick Together Bulletin Board:

Use these cute cactus themed banners with the title, In this Class we Stick Together to decorate your classroom and bulletin boards! Use the editable PowerPoint to add student names or pictures to your bulletin boards. Start your year off right by creating a sense of classroom community. Read More...

Silent Consonants

Silent Consonants
Silent Consonants Posters (1)

Silent Consonant Posters

  • Teach students about how to read words with silent consonants. Silent consonants are two consonants that make one sound. Use these freebie posters to display in your classroom as anchor charts. Posters included are for kn, wr, qu, wh, ph and mb.

Silent Consonants Sort

  • Materials Needed: Just print and cut!
  • How to Play: Display the included half page posters. Posters included are kn, wr, qu, wh, ph and mb. Hand out words to students. Students take turns reading words then sorting them under the correct heading. This activity can be played as a whole group activity or students can practice with a partner or individually.

4 in a Row

    • Materials Needed: Transparent spinner and game pieces
    • How to Play: 4 in a row game will help students build fluency when reading words with silent letters. Students can play with a partner or individually. Students spin spinner, read word and place game piece on that word. Read four words correctly in a row to win!

    Write the Room

    • Materials Needed: pencils
    • How to Play: Write the room is a way for students to practice reading words with silent letters as well as adding movement while learning. Place the picture cards around the classroom. Students search for a word, then write the word in the box and it in a sentence.

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Summer Literacy Challenges

Summer Literacy Challenges

The summer slide is real. If students do not read and practice their reading skills, they will lose many of the skills they learned during the summer. Summers should be spent playing, being outside and enjoying the nice weather. With that said, it is so important for students to keep reading as well. Use these summer literacy challenges to keep students reading and writing during the summer. Read More...

Water Balloons and Sight Words

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Water Balloons and Sight Words

This year is my fourth year teaching the summer school. Our summer school focuses on reading skills. We accept students who are the “bubble students” who need a little boost to keep their skills up throughout the summer. Each summer we try to add in some fun ways of learning reading skills. We try to do activities that students would not usually do during the school year. Below is a way to combine summer fun and learning. Read More...